Cliff Camping
YouTube: BackpackingTV

Cliff Camping on a Sheer Rock Face is Not For the Faint of Heart

Cliff camping is an intense experience not suited for everyone!

When it comes to camping, most of us simply head for our favorite local State Park or National Forest, set up our favorite tent and relax around the campfire for the evening. We might cook up some hot dogs or some other camp food and call it a night. For some people, this just is not exciting enough.

In recent years, the concept of "cliff camping" has started to gain more traction. The style seems to have first started with serious mountain climbers who needed a place to stay while scaling a sheer cliff face.

Since then, it seems to have morphed into something that people do just for the fun of it. That is, so long as you are not afraid of heights. Today's video from BackpackingTV gives a little more insight into what the experience is like in Estes Park, Colorado.

We like to think we are open to most types of outdoor adventure. However, I must give a big fat "nope" to this one! This is one of those things where I get a little nervous just watching these people leaning over the edge and looking down. I cannot imagine spending a whole night up there.

Also, I tend to toss and turn a bit when I sleep, and I do not want to be doing that several hundred feet up. Of course, if I am strapped in all night, I would still probably be too nervous to get any sleep, especially if wind gusts keep hitting the port-a-ledge! I would probably be more comfortable in some of the specialty cliff tents that are on the market these days. At least those have some semblance of a wall!

Out of curiosity, we looked up the company offering this adventure in Estes Park, and the price is $1,000 a night for one person. Much too expensive for our blood. We will say it is great to see the new forms of camping that are popping up these days. It helps keep things interesting if nothing else!

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