Photo by Ruth Caron

Cleveland's Mail Service Stopped by Aggressive Turkeys

These turkeys have gone postal!

Some citizens in Cleveland are picking up their mail at the post office. reports the cause is several flocks of turkeys with a foul attitude. While dogs may have traditionally rivaled the mailman, these turkeys are determined to shake up the pecking order.

For the past three weeks, two dozen residents in the Rocky River suburb have been unable to receive mail at their homes. Reports state local flocks of turkeys have created unsafe conditions for mail carriers.

The post office suspects these are wild turkeys that are being fed, causing them to be territorial and approach people unnaturally. City regulations don't allow hunting as a means of control.

The post office has asked residents in the area to cease providing food for these tenacious birds.

No postal workers have suffered serious injuries, although several have been pecked.

This isn't the first report of turkeys acting out. It turns out turkeys can go into attack mode for a number of reasons. Besides territorial feeding, turkeys have been known to become aggressive when they see something shiny. For example, a mirror or polished metal object may cause them to attack. This may be why there are so many examples of turkeys attacking policemen, their badge makes them a target for turkey abuse!

As for the postal workers, they'll just have to be on their guard or hope the birds move on to a new area.