deer and turkeys
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In the Midst of Winter, Deer and Turkeys Battle it Out for Food

When food gets short, you have to battle for what you get. We get to see that firsthand when these deer and turkeys battle it out for a bit of bird seed. 

When times get tough, only the tough survive. That is proven in the clip below, as you see some deer and turkeys battling it out for the rights to eat some seed from a bird feeder while the snow is thick on the ground and food sources are hard to come by.

It's great to be able to see this natural occurrence happen right in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that in many places, food does run short for some animals during the winter months, and fighting for scraps is the only way animals can survive. This is one of the reasons that conservation and maintenance of proper animal populations are so important. Having the right numbers in an area helps to ensure that everyone survives the winter.

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