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How to Clean a Wild Turkey [VIDEO]

Here’s how to clean a wild turkey for your Thanksgiving meal.

This beautifully filmed video shows us how to clean a wild turkey before a meal.

These guys do an excellent jobs explaining what they are doing and showing us how to do it.

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The first thing recommended is simply to cut off the turkey’s beard. Some people pull it off, but it can get messy and stinky. It’s easy enough to cut off with a sharp blade.

While some people prefer to pluck the feathers off the bird, these guys prefer to peel off the skin with all the feathers still attached. Then they slide their blade down the center of the bird along the breastbone as they peel the meat back.

When they reach the bird’s crop, they decide to investigate what the bird was eating so that they can learn about where the birds are spending their time for future hunting adventures.

To extract the legs, they skip the plucking process all together again and simply peel the skin away. Skipping the plucking process seems to help speed up the process without harming the end result.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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How to Clean a Wild Turkey [VIDEO]