$10 Dog Christmas Stocking Makes the House Look Festive (And Holds Plenty of Treats)

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Yes, dogs are part of the family, so why wouldn't they get their own Christmas stocking?

Many pet owners buy their pets toys, treats, and trendy accessories all the time like they're children. So it's no surprise that these spoiled four-legged babies will also receive gifts on Christmas Day too! Christmas stockings for dogs make it simple to store your pup's new chew toy and treats along with everyone else's small holiday gifts.

These stockings are so cute and come in various shapes, from bone-shaped, paw-shaped, and regular Christmas stockings. Even better, you can customize some options, so your dog's name is on them.

Adorable Dog Christmas Stockings

1. Feeko Dog Christmas Stockings - Dog Paw 

This $9 stocking is Amazon's Choice for dog Christmas stockings. The budget-friendly paw stocking is too stinkin' cute! Fill the holiday stocking with stocking stuffers like new chew toys, a new leash, and of course, treats.

It's the perfect addition to your home decor this holiday season. The pet dog stocking has a ring, so you'll be able to hang this above the chimney easily.

Dog lovers are giving the stocking five stars and are saying the quality is top-notch! It's perfect for all dog breeds, as long as they love the holidays! We know your four-legged best friend will love the stocking and everything inside of it.

Mackenzie F gave it five stars and wrote, "Good quality. Had ordered a specialized on like this on Etsy and never received it. Got this as a back up and loved it! Doggo approved."

2. Pet Christmas Stockings with Bowknot

We love burlap. It's a great Christmas decor theme for farmhouses. The $14 burlap stocking will match your cozy home, no matter what color your Christmas trees and Christmas ornaments are. The holiday decor ideas are endless!

Thanks to the shape of the dog bone Christmas stocking, everyone will know it belongs to your furry friend. Maybe your guests will be sure to drop by some Christmas gifts for your pup next time they come over. Dogs are always in need of dog toys if they're rough chewers, so let your close friends and family spoil your fur baby like they're a niece, nephew, or grandchild.

(Oh, I know you guys think your dogs are children anyway!)

3. Paw Shape Stocking Custom Embroidered W/ Pet Name

This personalized dog Christmas stocking is fantastic if you want one with your dog's name on it. The $20 stocking has many personalization options. If you love red plaid or green plaid, the seller has something for you. Or, if you love the velvet stocking, go with that trim instead!

You'll get to add nine letters max, including spaces.

NicoleM wrote, "I ordered 2 of these for my puppies and they are beautiful. Great quality."

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