Chihuahua Appreciation Day: 10 Pups Who Are Ready to Party

International Chihuahua Day is May 14th! Chihuahua's around the world can line up to get pampered. 

Like the Golden Retriever, many larger dogs have their pet days, and of course, there is National Puppy Day. Even though Chihuahua's are small, dog lovers everywhere can rest easy knowing they have their own awareness day, International Chihuahua Appreciation Day.

The holiday is centered around Teaka, the famous chihuahua, who passed in 2017. International Chihuahua Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on her birthday, May 14th. Nadia Alterio began the day so that Chihuahua owners around the world could celebrate her best friend and the legacy that Teaka left behind. She also runs the website, which is dedicated to the Famous Chihuahua brand and Teaka.

These tiny dogs are the perfect companions for dog owners around the world. If you need an excuse, this is an excellent spoil your dog day. Though, pet parents rarely need a national dog day to spoil their pooch.

1. Lovely Little Chihuahua Dog 

2. Cuttie Little Chi Yawn

3. Dashing In My Chihuahua Appreciation Day Sweater

4. Social Media Ready

5. Where's Our Dog Walker? It's Chihuahua Appreciation Day! 

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6. Say Cheese!

7. All I want for Chihuahua Appreciation Day Is A Belly Rub!

8. Planning National Pet Day Activities

9.Time To Party? It's Chihuahua Appreciation Day! 

10.Chihuahua Appreciation Day Outfit-Check. 

Where did Chihuahua's come from? 

Chihuahua's came from Mexico and are known for their signature pointy ears. This breed of dog is the smallest breed. The dog is aptly named for the region of Chihuahua in Mexico. The little doggy is thought to be a descendent of the Techihci, a tiny, mute dog that was a companion to the Toltec people around the 9th century.

Where to Get Your Own Chihuahua In Time For Appreciation Day 

If you are looking to add a small dog to your family, you can always pick a rescue dog. Many Chihuahua's become shelter dogs, and they are waiting for someone to adopt them.  While you can get a purebred dog, you want to make sure your new best friend does not come from a puppy mill. It may be best to check your local shelters to see if you can find your next furry selfie buddy.

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