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Chicken Fried Venison Recipe: A Must for Any Wild Game Chef

YouTube/Texas Style BBQ and Cuisine

Here's a chicken fried venison recipe to file away.

We wanted to seek out a great chicken fried venison recipe to try some experimenting, and came across this info-filled video on YouTube.

This will take you through all the steps.

Chef Johnny is full of useful tips, so you're not just getting a good recipe, but you're learning about the proper technique and avoid common mishaps that can throw your preparation haywire.

Though it's a few years old and not the best quality, this walks you through the process of making chicken fried venison in a reliably consistent way. Obviously, a cast iron pan helps.

This truly is one of those recipes you ought to keep bookmarked and try yourself. It's a crowd pleaser for sure.

By the way, do you know the general difference between "chicken fried" and "country fried" steak? It's mostly a regional term situation, and many folks call slightly different techniques by the same name. Others claim it's the type of gravy you prepare with it: white goes with chicken fried, and brown goes with country fried.

But legend has it the story goes like this...

Chicken fried steak is prepared, obviously, in a close way to fried chicken, and includes the use of an egg wash prior to frying. Country fried steak, popular among Southwest states, likely started because of the German immigrant-influenced wiener schnitzel. Since eggs weren't always available and tough to keep, 1800s-era cooks improvised and skipped that step, developing a quicker, slightly cleaner, and just-as-delicious meal.



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Chicken Fried Venison Recipe: A Must for Any Wild Game Chef