Amazon's Choice for Chicken Coop Heaters Is $40 & Has Nearly 5,000 Positive Ratings

Well y'all, you can't throw a North Face jacket on a chicken, so the next best thing is a chicken coop heater.

Yep, our feathered friends get cold too! Many people don't recommend using a bunch of heat lamps due to fire hazards, so please play it safe with a coop heater.

We rounded up three options that are perfect for your backyard chickens. They're affordable and will even make a world a difference during severe freezes.

Best Chicken Coop Heaters to Keep the Coop Cozy

1. Cozy Products CL Cozy Safe Chicken Coop Heater 200 Watts

Price: $40

Cozy is the name of this brand, and for some, that says all we need to believe it's a top-notch pick to keep the coop warm. Of course, safety first. The Cozy Coop heater is safer than brooder lamps or other heat lamps. This type of heater is powered by radiant heating panels and can reach up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also, there's a peck-proof cord to keep chicks from getting hurt if they decide to start pecking!

Since there are no light bulbs, this is a low-maintenance, energy-efficient heater. You'll save money on your electric bill. All you need to do is plug it in when needed! Prevent frostbite during winter months for under $50.

2. Chicken Coop Heaters, 100/200W Adjustable Wattage

Price: $37

Consider using this heater by Fiada as a heat source. It's safe (made of durable ABS materials with an overheating protection design) and is perfect for all types of chicken breeds.

It provides a radiant heat range of up to 40 cm and has an adjustable temperature range of 122-167 degrees Fahrenheit. The whole coop will stay warm. Your chickens won't worry about cold weather anymore, they'll be warm and toasty. Plus, this will keep their chicken waterer from freezing.

For warranty information, check out this page.

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3. SWEETER HEATER Safe Heater for Chicks, Coops, & Animals

Price: $152

Raising chickens and other farm animals? No worries at all! This heater is a great pick for all types of animals. Here we see the chicken space heater being used for a calf. They are big and snuggly, but their body temperatures drop as well in freezing temps.

Keep the entire room warm for horses, cows, and more. This chicken coop heater combines the benefits of convection and radiant heat for the ultimate cozy feeling. This is ideal for large coops. The temperature will range from a safe 160-180 degrees and will not burn your animals.

Looking for chicken brooders for baby chicks? Check out the Brinsea Ecoglow heating plate and GABraden heating pad.

I recommend buying an outdoor/indoor thermometer for the coop or stall. This way, you can monitor the temperature of the coop. You don't want the coop to overheat or be too cold. Knowing the temperature will allow you to adjust the heat if needed.

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This post was originally published on September 10, 2021.

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