bone deer call

Cherokee Sports Talks the Bone Deer Call at the 2017 ATA Show

If you haven't seen it yet, you will. The grunt call that is gaining users and attracting eyes everywhere in the industry, the Bone Deer Call.

The first time I saw this, I thought to myself, when did Fisher Price join the hunting industry?

Soon, however, I realized more and more hunters in the industry were using this deer call that looked like a deer antler.

After seeing it on several Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel network television shows, I knew this was one product I had to get the inside scoop on at the 2017 ATA Show.

So, I headed over to the Cherokee Sports booth, found Brett Fulcher, and asked him to give me the insight on it.

Brett explains this multi-use deer call to us and gives us a taste of just what it sounds like. He explained to me off camera that the industry is thriving for "cool". They want something that not only works, but can make you look cool at the same time. The Deer Bone Call is molded from an actual deer antler, then flattened to comfortably fit to your chest. It has a patented sound chamber that allows you to not only grunt, bleat and snort-wheeze, but also control the pitch of each of those sounds.

The Bone Deer Call is available through Cherokee Sports as well as Amazon and other retailers.

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