Sig Sauer Cross Rifle
Sig Sauer

The Cross Rifle: Check Out This New SIG SAUER Hunting Bolt Action


The New Sig Sauer Cross rifle looks like a light, precision-based hunting machine.

The new gun release announcements just keep coming in 2020. New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer may be best known for their handguns, but they have just announced a new precision bolt-action hunting rifle, the Sig Cross.

This new gun is built to be light and open to customization. The Sig Cross is available in 277 Fury, .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor.

It appears as though Sig Sauer is expanding efforts well into the hunting space.

To start, Sig is offering the Cross with 16- and 18-inch barrel lengths, with a 24-inch precision barrel option for extreme accuracy to be introduced later.

A nice bonus of these stainless steel barrels is that they are set up right out of the box to work with Sig suppressor systems. It's a nice way to avoid more costly modifications.

Speaking of the barrel, Sig has built in both characteristics of a hunting rifle and AR-style platform into this release. The stainless-steel rifled barrel can be quickly switched out by removing a nut under the handguard with an AR wrench. Barrel twist rates include 1:8, 1:8.5 and 1:10.

The one-piece aluminum receiver features two different finishes, black anodized and a sleek-looking First Lite camo finish. The safety is AR-style and the trigger is a 2-stage match-grade trigger that is adjustable. You can set the match trigger pull to either two or four pounds.

The one-piece receiver is built to accept AICS magazines, of which one is included with each rifle. The grip is polymer. The interchangeable bolt handle adds even more opportunities for customization.

The Sig Cross bolt-action rifle's picatinny rail system is an M-LOK with screws on top to adjust the system and MOA to fit to your needs. The foldable Sig precision stock fully adjustable length of pull and comb height. It's also easy to open when you need it with a push button design. Depending on which model you get, the overall length of the rifle with the folding stock extended is either 36.5 or 38.5 inches.

Sig Sauer says their product management team and designers consulted with precision shooters and military snipers with experience in U.S. operations worldwide to come up with a true crossover precision rifle for hunting and long-range shooting without the weight limitations. The weight will vary by model, but Sig says these rifles weigh either just 6.5 or 6.8 pounds. Sig says this is 40 percent less weight than comparable rifles in its class. That means these rifles should be much easier to tote up and down high ridges, valleys and far into the backcountry where big bucks and bulls are hiding without sacrificing the accuracy of a precision rifle.

You might be wondering about the price point by now. It's right around where we'd expect for a cross precision rifle. The MSRP is right around $1770.

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