Billy Bad Act II inflatable blow up turkey decoy

Check Out This Hairy, Photo Printed Turkey Decoy with a Freeze Dried Head

Cherokee Sports has released a new inflatable turkey decoy, and it's an awesome deal.

Let's face it, there are a million turkey decoys out there today. Some break the bank and after your purchase even you believe it is a real life turkey. Others, even as you're buying them, you are questioning how in the world a turkey is going to believe it's real.

Cherokee Sports, known for their decoys and the bone deer call, have added a very budget-friendly decoy to their list. This decoy is called the Billy Bad Act II and it's one that has a lot of great features. Let's take a look at what some of those features are.


  • It's an inflatable decoy, so it's highly portable
  • High definition, photo-printed design, so it's an actual life-sized photo of a real turkey
  • Very light and because it's inflatable, it's very sensitive to wind and can show a great deal of movement attracting stubborn Toms
  • Features a hairy cape for a more realistic look
  • Freeze dried, molded head showing all the real life-like features of a real turkey head from the snood to the caruncles and dewlap

This decoy spins and struts in the slightest of breezes. It's a full body, realistic, strutting turkey decoy that Cherokee is claiming will attract even the boss bird to it. It's also large enough that you can hide behind in an attempt to creep up on a stubborn field bird. And don't worry about it popping, users are already reporting this being attacked by Toms and Jakes and it has held up.

Cherokee has released this decoy with an MSRP of $42.99 but we found it cheaper on Amazon for just $30. Saving money and fooling Toms, what a better way to spend you spring turkey hunting season.

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