Turner Semi-Automatic SMLE Conversion Rifle

Check Out the Unique Turner Semi-Automatic SMLE Conversion Rifle

In the quest for a reliable semi-automatic military rifle, there were many dead ends.

One of many Forgotten Weapons of the past is this strange prototype rifle.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons takes a look at the Turner Semi-Automatic SMLE Conversion Rifle.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons has a prototype Turner Semi-Automatic SMLE Conversion Rifle to share with us. It was meant to possibly be a replacement for bolt action military rifles for the Canadian military. Tested along with the M1 Garand, it was said to have functioned flawlessly in very cold conditions due to its adjustable gas system.

It did have a major drawback, though. A rifle that was overly complicated is not a fan of the infantryman. Well the Turner Semi-Automatic SMLE Conversion Rifle is just too complicated and was not adopted.

While this prototype rifle was a dismal failure because it was too complex, that also makes it one very cool weapon! Once again, Ian finds rifles that have been long lost to history. A special thanks always for sharing these really cool finds.