Check Out The New Gun Cleaning Products Sage and Braker Just Released
Sage & Braker

Check Out the New Gun Cleaning Products Sage and Braker Just Released

Sage & Braker just released some new gun cleaning products specifically designed for hunters and shooters who want high end supplies for maintaining their firearms.

Fred Bohm founded Sage and Braker several years ago with the mission of creating high quality gun cleaning products for serious gun enthusiasts.

He first began selling bore cleaning kits (bore snakes) for shotguns and quickly followed up by introducing his own line of Clean, Lube, and Protect (CLP) as well as some picks, brushes, swabs, and gun cleaning mats within the next few years. Well, he's not done introducing new gun cleaning products and continues to unveil new merchandise. They're basically putting together the ultimate gun cleaning kit.

So far, Sage and Braker has begun offering two new products this year: a handgun cleaning mat and some firearm bristle pipe cleaners.

If you've ever had problems with cleaning really hard to reach places within your firearms, this stuff will give you some relief. Regular pipe cleaners are great for reaching those tough to get at places, but they aren't the best for actually removing carbon and other gunk that builds up inside a firearm.

The new bristle pipe cleaners are built for that exact situation. Basically, they're a 6-inch long pipe cleaner with stiff plastic hairs (the red spots in the photo below) along their length that are designed to break up carbon fouling so the absorbent cotton parts of the pipe cleaner can soak it up and remove it.

Pretty interesting idea right?

Now let's talk about the new waxed canvas handgun cleaning mat.

Sage and Braker has sold a leather, canvas, and wool gun cleaning mat for several years now. Not only does it provide a large working area for cleaning your guns without having to worry about cleaning solvents from soaking through it, but the mat just looks really good too.

The first gun cleaning mat introduced by the company was designed for cleaning rifles and shotguns, so it was pretty large (69" long and 16" wide).

Sage and Braker rolled out (pun intended) a much smaller cleaning mat designed specifically for handguns. It shares the classic look and feel of the larger mat and still provides a 1/2 inch thick padded surface for cleaning handguns a swell as leather and canvas pouches intended for storing gun cleaning supplies.

However, this new mat is much smaller: 39" long and 12.5" wide. This is still plenty of space for cleaning smaller firearms, but it doesn't take up nearly as much space as its bigger brother.

Check Out The New Gun Cleaning Products Sage and Braker Just Released

You can see both new products in action, and how to use them in conjunction with other gun cleaning supplies made by Sage and Braker in these videos demonstrating how to clean Kimber 1911 Custom II and an H&K VP9 handguns.

So, consider adding one of each to your wish list. It's craftsmanship to the highest caliber. You and your firearms will appreciate it in the future.

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