Here's How To Clean A Benelli Super Vinci Shotgun

Here's How to Clean a Benelli Super Vinci Shotgun

Ever wonder how you should disassemble and clean a Benelli Super Vinci shotgun? This video has easy to follow, step by step instructions showing exactly how do to it.  

Benelli's Super Vinci is a well built and extremely versatile shotgun. However, it still needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that it continues to operate when the chips are down.

This is particularly true after heavy use under really tough conditions, like waterfowl hunting. Fortunately, the semi auto shotgun is very well designed and isn't difficult to strip down.

Once that's complete, it's also a relatively simple manner to clean and lubricate the important parts of the inertia driven shotgun to ensure won't let you down on your next hunting trip.

Watch the video to see exactly how to disassemble and clean a Benelli Super Vinci shotgun after a day of hard use on the water or afield after upland birds.

Pretty simple right?

Aside from a flathead screwdriver and your typical gun cleaning supplies, you don't even need any tools to disassemble and clean these Benelli shotguns.

The bolt assembly isn't all that difficult to manipulate.

One final thing: make sure you use a good quality gun cleaning mat when you disassemble and clean your Benelli USA Super Vinci shotgun (or any firearm for that matter).

First, it will help you keep track of your parts and reduce the odds that you'll lose something.

Second, well made rifle, handgun, and shotguns aren't cheap, and with an MSRP over $1,500, the Super Vinci is no exception. Using an old t-shirt or towel is just asking for trouble and the last thing you want to is damage your shotgun or the table underneath during the cleaning process.

Add one to your wish list, you'll thank yourself later.

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