Shed Antlers
YouTube: Hushin

Check Out Some of Hushin's Best Shed Antler Finds of 2020

The Hushin crew had quite the shed hunting season.

It is pretty much unanimous by this point. Most people agree that 2020 is one of the worst years on record due to the absolutely insane news cycle and the coronavirus pandemic causing all sorts of problems in the world. Fortunately, the great outdoors is mostly unaffected by the problems in the modern world.

The boys at one of our favorite YouTube channels, Hushin, did not let the craziness of 2020 get them down any. They still went through with their annual "Shed Tour" series of videos this year. They went shed hunting in several different states and managed to pick up some incredible finds.

Today they are running through some of their favorites of the year in their latest video. Prepare to witness some of the biggest elk sheds you will ever see. As a bonus, we also get to see the cleaned-up skull from Eric's epic deadhead bighorn sheep find.

Now those are some impressive finds! We do not know about you, but just one of those antlers or that deadhead would likely make our entire shed hunting season each year. For the Hushin crew, these kinds of finds have almost become par for the course.

Of course, it helps that these guys burn some serious boot leather every spring in their pursuit of shed antlers. One could argue they put as much work into finding the sheds that they do the animals themselves. This is often the mark of the most successful shed hunters.

Congratulations on an incredible season fellas. We are jealous of your incredible results and we look forward to seeing what you guys manage to scrounge up to top these finds in 2021. Let us hope the news cycle and virus situation are vastly improved by then!

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