Check Out This Crazy Arrow Cam Kill on a Big Tom

Cameras on arrows can lead to some awesome shots. Watch Tim Wells give this big tom a carbon enema of sorts.

A Texas heart shot, as Tim likes to call it: this big tom turkey finds a carbon arrow coming through his back end. All on film, and not just any film, but that of an arrow camera.

Bow hunting is Tim Wells' niche, and he is extremely good with a stick and string as we all know. He has also brought us some of the coolest POV camera footage over the last few years. This video is a prime example of that. With the huge interest in self filming hunts, and people pushing the envelope, you have to start thinking outside the box to grab people's attention.

Sending a carbon arrow with a camera attached right through the fan of a strutting tom seems like a good place to start.

The turkey runs for the hills with arrow shaft and camera bouncing around until he expires. Neat footage, to say the least. Bow hunting turkeys is a challenge in itself, so anytime you can catch the hunt on film, it's always a plus.

Ready to start seeing some strutters in those green spring fields is all I have to say...

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