Bowfishing for Turkeys?!?

Now this is something you don't see every day.

Turkey hunting is a huge sport, and bowfishing is one of the fastest growing sports. But have you ever seen the two of them combined together?

We hadn't, but Chris Brackett changed that for us. Bow in hand, Brackett releases an arrow on a jake, and the rest is history. But instead of seeing just the arrow in flight, the famous orange bowfishing line is streaking behind.

From then on, it gets quite entertaining and almost strange to watch: a wild turkey trying to to escape but attached to the bow as if you were fishing. Brackett claims it was the first turkey shot with a bowfishing rig on film, and it is for sure the first I have ever seen.

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Ethical? Many will debate on that topic. But! With this shot not being that well placed, this turkey may have escaped and gone on to live injured, or run off and died without being found.

Instead, Chris was able to retrieve this bird because of the bowfishing line. That much we can give him, and it brings up a fascinating thought on about how effective this combination could be.

A wild hunt for sure, and the line smacking the other turkey in the head as they scattered from the area was something you won't see very often.

I'm sure you will watch this video and think to yourself..."Well, that was strange, and I am not sure how I really feel about that," just like I did.

Interesting and entertaining, as Brackett has always been.

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