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Big Bluegills in Awesome Underwater Fishing Footage


What do bluegill eat when they’re spawning underwater?

That’s what YouTuber TylersReelFishing wondered when he made the following video.

At the beginning of the video, that answer seems to be: nothing. Tyler tries three different colors of jig heads, tubes and minnows, set right in front of a hovering fish. And it looks like it couldn’t care less.

He even thunks bluegill on the nose and tail. Nothing.

Seems the fish in that golf course pond didn’t want anything while spawning. At one point, Tyler does reel in a small bass.

Finally, at about the 5:50 mark, a bluegill opens its mouth and grabs the bait. You really need to watch the slow-motion video of the strike after Tyler catches the fish to appreciate when the pan fish hits the small jig.

After about the seven-minute mark, the video features underwater footage. Tyler says put away the camera because it started to rain.

Anyway, he says he only caught one more after the bluegill seen in the video.


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Big Bluegills in Awesome Underwater Fishing Footage