Chase the Cat Reacts to Mom Trying to End His Card Game

Chase is one of the three awesome cats from the Don't Stop Meowing Youtube channel. This feisty feline is adored by the internet for his human-like personality and strong opinions. One of Chase's most recent videos showcases just why people can't get enough of him! The cat sits on the stairs playing Pokémon with his favorite little human—and he does not want to stop. Like, ever. So when his Pokémon game is interrupted by breakfast, Chase is not happy.

The video shows Chase's cat mom heading up the stairs to let him know it's time for breakfast. As she walks up, you can hear the little boy explaining to Chase how the card game works. Rounding the corner, you see the boy and Chase sitting across from one another with Pokémon cards spread out between them. When the mom tells her son that their cat doesn't understand the game, he has a quick reply: "He understands more than you." Well played!

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Ignoring this slight, she asks Chase to come down for breakfast. He responds by nipping at her hand before getting up and laying on top of the cards, making his intentions clear. "No breakfast for you then," she says, leaving them to continue playing.

There was no way Chase was going to end his game for breakfast. He must have been winning!

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