Cedar Point Visitors Battle A Swarm Of Mayflies While Waiting For Ride In Viral Video
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Cedar Point Visitors Battle A Swarm Of Mayflies While Waiting For Ride In Viral Video

A couple of Cedar Point guests got more than they bargained for. The visitors were swarmed by a bunch of mayflies while waiting to get on one of the park's rides.

Just take a look at the video below. It's equal parts funny and skin crawling. There are so many flies in the frame that they cover the air. You can see them swarming around the lights. However, it's not the mayflies that are the main draw here. It's the people. Take away the insects, and you have an impromptu dance party.

Everybody's bugging out in their own way, and it looks very much like they're feeling the rhythm. One girl even showed off her best karate moves with a kick like she's about to star in the junior version of The Expendables. Someone needs to drop a killer soundtrack to the video.

People were even swatting as they got on the ride at the mayflies.

Mayflies Cause Wild Reaction

One person wrote in response, "Bet the fish are hitting though! Looks like a great hatch lol." Another said the sight was unlike anything they'd witnessed. They wrote, "I've never seen anything like that at Cedar Point." Another wrote, "This is a Mayfly. They come in swarms so heavy it shows up in weather radar as rain. The swarms get so bad they cover the buildings and concrete under bright lights an inch thick. They don't have mouths and pop and crackle when you walk over them. This will get much worse."

However, it's worth noting that mayflies are not technically flies desire the name. Likewise, according to Pest Control, you don't have to worry about them biting you. They're more of just a major annoyance than anything. That's really thanks to their large numbers, and yes they are attracted to light. The website wrote, "Mayflies are nuisance pests and cannot bite or sting. They are, however, very attracted to light, which can result in massive swarms around buildings at night and piles of dead flies below lights and windows in the morning. In areas that see large swarms, mayflies could affect driving conditions and visibility."