CCI Stanger

Introducing CCI Stangers: 22plinkster Gets His Own Line of Rimfire Ammo

22plinkster now has his own line of rimfire ammo known as the CCI Stangers.

If you've ever looked up rimfire guns on YouTube, odds are you've run across Dave Nash, aka: "22plinkster" before. He successfully turned a trick shot video channel into a full-time career in the shooting sports and firearms industry.

Which is why it was really only a matter of time before he got his own line of 22 long rifle ammo. As expected, it's with the top rimfire manufacturer on the planet, CCI Ammunition.

Watch 22plinkster introduce his new round, the CCI Stanger, in the video below. It looks like a winner to us!

It's kind of funny how the name for this round came about. His distinctive southern accent in countless YouTube videos has now led to an entirely new product on the firearms market.

Who would have thought? We have to hand it to 22plinkster, he's not afraid to laugh at himself!

These rounds did display an impressive amount of power in the video. Right after it was released on YouTube, we got some additional specs on the Stangers straight from the folks at CCI.

They say these rounds are loaded within industry-standard pressures, and like 22plinkster pointed out, the casing is slightly longer than CCI's standard .22LR round.

The bullets themselves are 32-grain copper plated hollow points. As 22plinkster said, these rounds have a muzzle velocity of about 1,640 fps and deliver 191 foot pounds of energy.

The MSRP for these rounds is going to be about $16.99 a box, so you're looking at a little over 16 cents a round for a box of 100. That does make the Special Edition 22plinkster rounds a little more pricey than other options.

However, CCI ammo is some of the best on the planet, so you're likely going to get your money's worth.

We envision the Stangers as a premium quality small game round. Most small game animals aren't going too far, if anywhere, after being hit with one of these.


CCI Stanger

"I've been shooting Stingers for more than 30 years," 22plinkster said. "My dad would always have a box hidden in the back of the gun cabinet when I was a kid, and he only allowed me to shoot them when we went squirrel hunting. Fast forward to today and I now have my name associated with this iconic ammunition. It's a dream come true."

You'll easily be able to pick these rounds out from the normal Stingers at your local gun shop because they feature special-edition 22plinkster packaging. One thing is for sure, these hollow-point bullets do look like a ton of fun!

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