3 Alternatives to Catnip for Dogs Your Pooch Will Go Crazy Over

Like many pet owners that make their furry friend's wellness a top priority, you might have wondered if dried catnip can be safely eaten by your pooch. Catnip is an herb from the mint family, so you might be curious if it will have the same stimulating effects on your pup as it does in cats.

First things first, catnip is safe for dogs. So, no worries if your pup has been playing with your feline's catnip toys. Catnip produces the chemical nepetalactone. This chemical is responsible for that wild behavior it instills in kitties after they inhale or consume it. While it can be silly and fun to witness, catnip for dogs has quite the opposite effect.

The Effects of Catnip on Dogs

If you didn't think your dog could get any lazier, go ahead and give them some catnip tea leaves. Catnip behaves more like a mild sedative in dogs. So although the mint plant is rich in Vitamins C and A (which are fabulous for their health and wellness,) you just can't expect your dog to go insane playing with catnip toys. Instead, your doggie is most likely to experience the calming effects of catnip oil.

This is great if you're one of those dog owners that have a high-strung pup to begin with. Just add some catnip tea to their drinking water, or let them munch away on a fresh catnip plant in the garden to ease their anxiety and hyperactivity.

Alternatives to Catnip for Dogs 

There are some alternatives to catnip if you want to indulge your pup in a special treat just for his breed. Check out our Amazon picks for your pooch.

1. Carrot Anise Biscotti 5oz Bag 

Star anise seed is the spice that you taste when you enjoy licorice. Aniseed has nearly the same effect as catnip does on cats. These best dog treats combine carrot and anise seed in a crunchy biscotti cookie.

2. Kickin' Back Canine Nip 

Although this is just catnip, we appreciate the fact they marketed and packaged it as catnip for dogs. Be sure Rover doesn't eat too much of it, as it can have a diuretic effect and also make him extra sleepy. (Probably good for long road trips though, so long as you don't mind frequent potty breaks.)

3. Anise Seed Tin 

Sprinkle anise seed on your dog's toys and watch him roll with delight. Keep this tin can nearby whenever you want to make Fido smile.

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