Bobcat Kitten
YouTube:USA Today

Feisty Bobcat Kitten Gets Relocated Into Wild Far from People

Young bobcats are cute, but also fierce.

The bobcat has one of the greatest ranges of any wild feline in North America, but most people have never seen one of these elusive cats in the wild. That is not surprising. These animals are solitary and quite shy. They do not like humans and will usually avoid us like the plague.

Every so often they do come into conflict with humans though. That was the case here. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources captured this young bobcat kitten after it was caught in Kanarraville.

The young cat had been captured while preying on someone's chickens. That led to conservation officers re-locating the animal. It gives the chance for a rare, up-close look at a bobcat kitten. This little guy may look cute and cuddly, but as you will see in the video, he is also quite vicious!

This little guy may look like an over-sized fluffy kitten, but this animal is completely wild and is not happy about having been trapped or located. Those growls and hisses were something else from such a small animal. Can you blame him? Chicken dinners are quick, easy and delicious. Then he gets captured and dumped back into the high desert away from those easy meals. Now he must go back to catching wild birds without nearly as much meat on their bones.

In addition to birds, bobcats also feast on mice, squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. They will even eat fish from time to time if they can catch them. They are opportunistic and extremely athletic predators. The fact that they usually do this without humans noticing is a testament to how stealthy and shy these animals are.

In this case, we are happy to see this bobcat encounter had a positive outcome for all parties involved. The cat quits eating the human's chickens and the cat gets to live out a natural existence in the wild.

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