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Catching Peacock Bass in Southern Florida

peacock bass

Eric Chesser of Hushin, takes us on a trip to Southern Florida to show us what it's like to fish for Peacock Bass.

Introduced to Florida in 1984, the beautiful Peacock Bass does exist in the states. Often when I hear of Peacock Bass, I first think of the episode of Luke Bryan I saw awhile back, fly fishing in Brazil. He caught not only extremely beautiful peacock bass, but monster in size as well.

The Hushin boys are always on the go and stopping off to some great locations for some cool fishing. In the video below, Eric takes us to Southern Florida to fish the canals with some live shiners. Peacock bass are known for their beauty and their fight and there is nothing shy of that on their trip here.

The clear, fresh water canals of Southern Florida hold a great deal of Peacock Bass and Eric seemed to have no problem hooking into them. This video is a prime example of why you should never overlook or dismay bank fishing. Success comes from many things and here it was knowledge of the waters. Being familiar with where the hot spots are will always put you a step ahead of the game.

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Catching Peacock Bass in Southern Florida