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These Are the Consequences of Fishing Spawning Bass

fishing spawning bass

Underwater camera shows just what happens when you're fishing spawning bass and how even catch and release has an affect.

Like deer hunters dream of the rut, anglers think of fishing spawning bass.

Spawning bass make even the worse fisherman look good as they appear to hit and strike anything you throw at them.

Have you ever wondered why or even what happens, during the spawn that makes fishing so successful? Or going one step further, what happens after you catch the bass and release him back into the water?

Watch the video below to see just what happens as the angler uses an underground camera to catch a bass protecting his nest of eggs and gets caught and released back into the waters.

So as you can see the males job is to protect the nest at all costs. This makes catching them easier as they are extremely protective and hungry as they seldom leave to eat.

He mentions in the video that normally after he catches and releases the bass off a nest, most of the time, the bass immediately will return to the nest, however in this situation the bass didn't return until 15 minutes later. This deemed costly as immediately the blue gill came in and begin eating the eggs.

He closes by reminding us that if we are fishing spawning bass, to think about the consequences that could happen and to minimize the amount of time we keep the bass out of the water upon catch.

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These Are the Consequences of Fishing Spawning Bass