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Felix The Cat Survives 35-Minute Machine Wash Cycle

This sweet cat has nine lives clearly. Felix the cat accidentally climbed into the washing machine! Have you heard of this happening before? Honestly, anything can happen when it comes to our pets. My dog Walter ate a snake yesterday and I was gone for less than a minute.

The owner had never seen her three cats go into the washing machine before. Her stomach dropped when she went to check on the laundry and found one-year-old Felix was in trouble. He accidentally jumped into the front loading washer.

It was on express wash thankfully which is only a 35-minute cycle.

Kare11.com reported that Felix was acting blind at first and was immediately put in the oxygen kennel upon arriving at the vet clinic.

CBS17 reported that vets expect Felix to fully recover.

"The cat temporarily lost his vision and had pneumonia from all the water in his lungs. Thankfully he's doing better now. He can see again and has started eating, but is still on oxygen."

It was a warm water wash and cold water rinse which makes a big difference.

They started a GoFundMe page as the medical bills are adding up. Please donate!

This is Kare11.com's news segment.

Felix needs some positive vibes!

This is an update from the Go Fund Me page:

"Update: We have extended our goal to ensure continued care for Felix until he is out of the danger zone. We are still uncertain as to what his final total bill will be, as a discharge date has not been scheduled. He continues to improve, and we are hoping to have him home soon."

The key learning from the pet owner is to always close your washing machine and dryer doors in between washes, and ALWAYS check your washing machine and dryer doors prior to beginning a wash. You can prevent an accident like this from happening. 

Thank goodness this was only a 35-minute cycle and the owner didn't leave to do any errands. This is one lucky cat but also the animal emergency clinic clearly jumped into action and are doing everything they can to save this cat!

The local news story has been trending now for a few days and hopefully, national news will raise some funds for their medical bills.

Can you believe this happened? Please let us know in the comments. 

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