10 Cat Sleeping Positions & What It Means About Them

Cat sleeping positions make them meme favorites, but what do they really mean? 

Cat owners know that kitties love a good afternoon snooze. However, they get themselves into some pretty silly positions, including sitting in boxes, especially when they are in a deep sleep. Cats everywhere have been entertaining humans with their crazy sleeping positions for generations. However, cat sleeping positions are more than just a funny meme, and they have a lot to tell us about how comfortable cats are and how deeply they are sleeping.

10 Common Cat Sleeping Positions & What They Mean

1. Ball of Fur

cat sleeping in a ball

Cats are so cute when they take their catnap all curled up in a tiny fur ball. The ball position is also known as the crescent position and is one of the most common sleeping positions that you will find your cat in since it is the most natural. Curled into a ball keeps your cat warm and does not allow any body heat to escape. The position also keeps its vital organs safe, making it popular for stray and feral cats. Cats who feel uncomfortable will sleep like this since it helps them feel safe.

2. Rub My Belly

cat belly rub sleeping position

Commonly known as the belly up position, this position tempts cat owners into giving their feline friend a belly rub. Granted, you need to watch out because as soon as you go in for a belly scratch, you may get pounced on by those front paws. However, this position means your cat is very comfortable with you and is okay with exposing its tummy. Cats who commonly sleep like this trust their owners completely.

3. Super Cat

orange cat in superman position

The superman pose is a favorite for pet owners everywhere. There is something irresistibly cute about a cat's front, and back paws all stretched out as they get some shut-eye. Of course, the position is aptly named after everyone's favorite superhero and his well-known flying pose. This cat position tells you that they are very relaxed and are likely on their way to a long slumber.

4. On Their Human

cat sleeping on woman in red shirt

Some cat sleeping habits include curling up on top of their owner. This may not be a comfortable position for you, but you can bet that your kitty is pretty happy. While it may be a little inconvenient, your cat wanting to cuddle is just them showing you how much they love you. It also means that they trust you completely since this is a vulnerable position.

5. Bread Loaf

cat sleeping position bread loaf

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Also known as the loaf of bread or loaf position, your cat sits with its front paws tucked under his body, making him look like a little cat loaf. Cat's will sit in this position and watch you, or they will start to nod off. Cat's in this position are usually lightly sleeping or taking a quick little catnap.

6. Eyes Partly Open

cat with eyes partly open

Sleeping with their eyes partly open means that they are ready to pounce at a moment's notice. With one eye open a cat still knows what is going on in the house around them and keeps tabs on the situation. Your furry friend is keeping themselves ready for anything.

7. Trying Out For The Circus

cat all bundled up

One of pet parents' favorite cat sleeping positions may, in fact, be the contortionist position. While your cat may look like they are trying out for the circus, they are just oddly getting in some shut-eye. No one really knows why some cats choose to rock this position, and it does not look particularly comfortable, but it sure gives us a good laugh.

8. Paws Over The Face

grey cat sleeping with paws over face

Sleeping with paws over their face is a huge cat sign for, leave me alone! Out of all the different positions, cats use this for when they want a deep sleep. Whether they are curled up in a cardboard box or on their cat bed, if you see their paws on their face, it is best just to leave the sleeping kitty alone.

9. Laying On Side

cat laying on side

While it may not be as cute as the belly-up position, your cat sleeping on their side is similar in meaning. They have their body parts exposed, showing that they are very comfortable in your presence. It is a sign of trust as well as comfort for domestic cats. They will likely not sleep very deeply, but they will take plenty of naps in this position.

10. Sitting Up

orange cat sitting up

Sitting up is another funny-looking cat sleeping position. Your cat will be sitting up with its tail wrapped around its paws. While they may be asleep, the nap won't last for long. Since your cat is very exposed in this position, they will be ready to pounce as needed.

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