60 Funny Cat Puns That Are Purrrrfect for Kitten Around

Kittens are full of entertainment thanks to their adorable antics and goofy personalities. While many pet owners are lucky to have four-legged furballs who seem to be natural clowns, others rely on the best cat puns and jokes to improve their cat-titude. Laughter is necessary for your men-tail health, after all! Funny cat puns also serve as the perfect mice-breaker if you are getting together with a new cat pal. Even if you aren't a natural cat lover, anyone can get behind the best cat jokes. They're pawsitively hilarious!

These pawsome one-liners are purrrfect for when you're in the mood for kitten around. Need some hair-larious animal puns to impress your friends? Look no further! Here are some meow-fully mirthful cat jokes that, admittedly, your own cat will roll his eyes at.

Whether you want to add some humor to a dull email or need some new material to entertain your friends with, we're here to help with the best cat puns. Meow, we just hope you don't cough up any hairballs from laughing too hard!

cat on its back wearing sunglasses

1. Don't worry. None of these puns will be too clawful.

2. My cat wants a Furr-ari.

3. I've got my thinking cat on.

4. Wait a meow-ment...

5. Cat got your tongue?

6. This is a cat-astrophe!

7. I know some hiss-terical cat puns.

8. Our cat has a crazy purr-sonality.

9. Our cat is adopted, so we don't know her hiss-tory.

10. Drop the cat-titude.

11. You're the cat's paw-jamas.

12. How purr-suasive is your cat?

13. Cat's love to read Great Catsby and Shakespurr.

14. Quit kitten around.

15. Every cat believes in Santa Claws!

16. Cats are litter-ally the best animal on the planet.

17. Do you have a self paw-trait of your cat hanging on the wall?

18. The paw-lease showed up at our house and claw enforcement blamed the cat.

19. I'm paws-itively blown away.

20. Purr-haps your cat is purr-fect!

Adult cat puts paw on kittens head

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21. Cats are man's best fur-ends.

22. Dogs are in-furior to cats.

23. I'm feline good!

24. You've got quite the purr-sonality.

25. Climb every meow-tain!

26. Only the smartest cats are litter-ate.

27. Whisker sweet nothings.

28. For the glamour-puss, oh the flossy, flossy.

29. You're so purr-suasive.

30. My cat's favorite color is purr-ple.

31. Don't be a sour-puss.

32. What do cats order at the bar? A meow-tini.

33. I need to take a paws and reflect.

34. Totally paw-some!

35. This cat will go down in hiss-tory.

36. The rest is still un-kitten.

37. Do you want Mice Krispies for breakfast?

38. Check your cat's vi-tail signs when he's sick.

39. There's a cat sale: Buy one, get one furry.

40. A kitten's favorite day is Caturday.

funny face cat

41. Pawdon me.

42. Take meowt on a date.

43. Kittens are so cathletic.

44. Leave the cattitude at the door.

45. That's radi-claw!

46. I'm litter-ly in love with my cat.

47. Cats are hilari-mouse.

48. That's a purr-ty dress.

49. Can we press paws?

50. Hmm, you look fur-miliar.

51. Paw-don my French!

52. Don't worry, be tabby.

53. You're a fur-midable opponent.

54. Dogs freak meow-t.

55. I'm trying to keep up the mew-mentum.

56. Whisker while you work.

57. My cat can't paw-form under these conditions!

58. That's a-paw-ling.

59. You're paw-fully quiet. Cat got your tongue?

60. Best fishes!

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