Watch This Cat Who's 'Convinced She's a Dog' Demand to Go for a Walk

Who says cats and dogs can't go on walks together? Chloe the beagle and Chlea the cat prove they can.

At this point, the internet has more than proved that cats and dogs can be best friends and live harmoniously as furry family members. Some four-legged pals even go out on walks together! Owner Megan Cottone features her beagle, Chloe, on a shared account with her cat Chlea. The account, @thebeagleandthebun, was originally created to showcase Chloe and her bunny BFF, Rue. They would go on walks together, cuddle, snuggle, and take the cutest doggy and bunny pics you've ever seen. Sadly, Rue passed away early last year. In June of 2021, 8-week old Chlea waltzed into Chloe's life, making her forever home with the beagle. The first time they met, Chloe wasn't sure about her new furry friend, but the two of them quickly bonded. By August, Chlea the cat was demanding to go on long walks with her beagle sibling.

Cat Demands to Walk With Beagle Sibling

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The sweet pair is absolutely adorable in all of their videos together, but the latest clip of them heading out for a stroll is worth watching over and over.

"I've never met a cat that is this convinced she's a dog," owner Megan captioned the post. "Chlea will yell at us if she sees that we put Chloes harness on and not hers for a walk."

And she's not exaggerating! As Megan approaches the cabinet to get Chloe her harness for their walk, the good dog stands patiently waiting. Meanwhile, Chlea the cat absolutely demands that she goes on the walk with her four-legged sibling. The little kitty is not shy about voicing her concern that her sister has her walking harness on and she does not. Her owner asks her, "Are you sure?" The goofy little kitty meows earnestly and then springs up to get to the top of the cabinet where her harness is kept. After a display like that, who could leave her behind?! Chlea gets her harness on and joins her Chloe at the door as they wait for their pet parents to open it up and take them outside.

Both pets are more than ready for some time outdoors as Megan puts her shoes on. This forever family is the cutest sight to see walking through their neighborhood with a cat on a leash!

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