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Cat Hammocks: The Ultimate Hangout for Cats

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A cat hammock is a fun way to keep your cat cozy — and it adds some retro decór to your home, too. Most cat lovers already know how much their pet adores cat trees, but if you're looking for a space-saving solution, consider one of these cat hammocks: They're unique, comfortable, and some even feature sisal scratching pads. If cotton rope or boho is more your style, then you can snag one that looks like a plant hanger, too.

Cat hammocks aren't just enticing to cats, but cat owners consider them a game-changer for many reasons. Some pet owners need a spot for their cats to retreat to so they aren't scratching furniture from underneath couches and beds. Some cats love having a space for themselves, and honestly — some people just want to give their cat a cute little spot to hang out in. You can place these cat hammocks just about anywhere, too. Hang it by a window if your cat loves the sun, or keep it in your living room if your cat likes to spend time close by you. Check out our picks below:

1. Best Hammock That Looks Like Decór

Hand Woven Macrame Cat Hammock Bed - Amazon, $29.99

Why go for a basic cat bed when you can have boho cat furniture instead? This handwoven comfy cat hammock is the cutest option for your napping cat. Bonus: this macrame cat hammock kit includes a comfy high-quality bed for your friend. If you're in a small studio or one-bedroom apartment, you don't have much space for bulky cat furniture. Thankfully, this hammock hangs from the ceiling and will blend in as decór.

2. Best Option for Large Cats

Lcybem Cat Hammocks for Window - Amazon, $14.99

Give your indoor cat the gift of sunbathing with this leisurely lounger. The heavy-duty construction provides a sunny perch and has a unique space-saving design. Easily install it on a window with secure suction cups, and your cat will love napping and lounging even more than he already does. This cat hammock is perfect for large cats — it can hold pets up to 33 pounds!

3. Best Hammock for Two Cats

Snazzypet 2-Bed Hammock Perch - Amazon, $26.99

If you have two cats, try this cat hammock. Your cats will love lazing around on this double-decker cat bed (think: a bunk bed for your pets!). Made from high-quality sisal and PVC, the scratching pad on the side is the perfect finishing touch and will work for both small and large felines. Another bonus: it's machine-washable, which is perfect for cats that shed a lot.

4. Best Hammock & Scratching Post Combo

Catinsider 35 Inches Cactus Cat Tree with Hammock - Amazon, $59.99

We can't decide what's cuter, a cat or this cat hammock. This space-saving cat furniture is shaped like a cactus and does double duty as a cat tree. It has solid wood construction wrapped in sisal that cats can scratch to their heart's desire, and cats will enjoy the fluffy pom for extra fun as they lounge in their new hammock. After enough swatting and scratching, cats can enjoy a nap. This adorable option is a space-saving toy you'll have for years.

5. Best Option for Kittens

New Moon Cat Swing Chair - Amazon, $34.79

This wooden swing chair is made from natural pine wood that looks fresh and modern and is a perfect choice for a new kitten. This cozy bed has a linen cushion that is breathable, comfy, and reversiblem and is also machine-washable. One reviewer writes: "The minute I had this hammock put together my cat wanted to be on it. She loved it!"

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