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Cat Cubes Explained: The Science of Why Kitties Love Squares

Whether the square is real or an illusion, cats are drawn to them.

As the keeper of a feline friend, you know they will turn any small space into a cat cube. However, if you needed scientific confirmation, Science Direct released a study aptly titled, "If I Fits, I Sits." The study was done during the coronavirus pandemic, as participants watched their cats at home and took notes and videos on how their cats interacted with the Kanizsa square visual illusion.

The study had 500 participants, but only 30 completed all six of the study's trials. The study showed that cats would sit inside the optical illusion because it looks like a square. It seems it does not matter if the square is 2D or 3D — Cats love sitting in them either way.

What Size Cat Cube is Best?  

Cat's love any size cube. As you may well know from watching your feline friend, they will squeeze themselves into any boxes, tubs, Tupperware, or cabinet available.

They like to feel cozy and comfortable like they are hiding. Some of this behavior links back to how they act in nature. If they are hunting, they find themselves a tidy little hole to tuck themselves. Sneaking into a hole gives them a tactical advantage as they get ready to pounce on their prey.

While pet owners tend to lean toward cat furniture like cat trees, not everyone has space. If you have one pet cat, a singular cube may do the trick, and now you don't have to feel guilty about it. Science has your back!

Bedsure Cat Cube Cat Hideaway

This perfect little hideaway has the perfect cat cave with faux fur lining for a cozy pet bed. As your cat enters their new cubby, they are greeted with a hanging ball to bat around during playtime. The cube side has a scratcher to keep kitties scratching urges to one spot that's not your living room furniture. The sisal cloth scratching board is a strong and durable way for your cat to sharpen their claws, taking the place of traditional scratching posts.

Your cat has the opportunity to lay on top and survey to get the lay of the land, or they can tuck inside and sleep on the cushioned bed. The large entry on the bottom is wide enough for older cats to get inside comfortably. The cat cubby is best suited for felines under 20 pounds. It also can collapse for storage if the gray color does not fit in with your home decor. While it may not have a formal warranty, Bedsure has excellent customer service if you have any issues. If you order from Amazon, it should only be a couple day delivery, and your cat will be all set in their new cat bed.

Kitty City Large Cat Bed, Stackable Cat Cube

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If you are looking for a kitty cube for your indoor cat, the Kitty City Cat Bed has a sturdy construction and is perfect if you do not have the space for a cat tower. As a bonus, the cat cube is stackable for up to two kitty cube houses.  The colors are muted and can fit in nicely with any home decor. The interior is cushioned with soft cozy material ready for any kitty to snuggle.

Kitty City Large Stackable Tan Cat Condo, Cat Cube, Cat House, Pop Up Bed, Cat Ottoman

If you are one cat away from being a crazy cat lady or are already there, this cat cube combo is the perfect size for multiple fluffy companions. The cat cube has four pillows that are removable and machine washable. The top bed is 36" off of the ground creating the perfect cat perch. Your cat can use the bottom as its very own cat cave. The cube has excellent customer ratings on Amazon. The cube is easy to set up and has study fabric walls ready for your cat to cuddle up against.

Kitty City Claw Mega Kit 2.0 Furniture, Cat Cushion, Cat Scratch

Kitty City Cushion

Your cat may love this better than they love catnip. The comfy cat bed is made of a soft fleece cover. It can be washed in the washing machine with cold water and a gentle cycle. It can be a replacement cushion for the Kitty City Cube bed, or it can be used on its own for either a cat or a small dog.

MidWest Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo

Not into leaving your cat cube out? The Midwest Curious Cat Cube by Feline Nuvo collapses, so you can tuck it away when you are not using it anymore. The cozy cat hide-away has plenty of space for lounging on the inside and has a hanging cat toy for solo play. If you and your kitty like to play a game of hide-and-seek, the cube has the perfect hide-and-seek cut-outs, which allow your cat to reach through and grab your hand, or if you have another cat, their paw.

The interior of the Midwest homes for pets cube has a cushioned faux suede and sheepskin bottom perfect for a cat nap. It offers another place to sleep on top with a square cushion ready for relaxation. The cube measures 16.5" tall and is 15.5" wide. It is the perfect size to use for most cats and some small dogs.

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