$9 Patriotic Cat Collar: Stayin’ Fly on the Fourth of July

Do felines need to wear cat collars?

It's a popular question amongst pet owners, especially if they're used to purchasing dog collars. While some people buy them to attach an ID tag, others love bow tie cat collars and other cute plaid and floral, adjustable styles that help dress up their furry pet. From personalized and reflective cat collars, there's no shortage of reasons you may want one for your kitty.

We searched for the best quick release and breakaway buckle collars on Amazon that will help keep your cat safe. Add a microchip, and your cat or small dog will never be far from home. (Even if they're an outdoor cat who roams.)

One-of-a-Kind Cat Collars for Your Furry Pet

1. Waaag Pet Collar Gold Moons and Stars Cat Collar

We love this adjustable glow in the dark moon and star collar for cats. Available in a multitude of colors and adorned with a gold crescent charm, it's like jewelry for your precious kitty.

2. SuperBuddy Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

If you're a crazy cat lady, this whimsical set of four breakaway cat collars is a budget-friendly option for all your felines. Check out the cute fruity prints. The set includes four safety collars with a breakaway buckle design, each with a unique fruit charm and a bell, just for kicks.

3. Pohshido 4th of July Cat Collars with Bow Tie and Bell

Made from soft nylon, this small dog or cat pet collar is booming with patriotism. What design, other than this bow tie, is better for celebrating the Fourth of July? Choose between an adjustable freedom star or stars and stripes design your fluffy pet will be sure to wear with pride.

4. CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar

Lightweight and elegant, it'll be hard to choose a color between these 12 leather safety cat collars. Complete with a coordinating bell and an elastic strap for easy release and comfort. Be sure to check out the matching leather leashes on Amazon for a complete set.

5. Personalized Embroidered Nylon Cat ID Collars with Bell

Traditional personalized ID tags can be heavy and burdensome to wear, especially for small dogs and kittens. Ensure your pet's safety with an adjustable breakaway cat collar that's personalized and embroidered with their name and phone number. Choose between six reflective cat collar colors and 12 thread colors to suit your cat's fancy.

6. Taglory Reflective Cat Collars Breakaway with Bell

Keep your curious outdoor cat safe with a reflective cat collar. This set of two breakaway pet collars glow in the dark, so your kitty can be spotted with just a flashlight. One quick release collar features an adorable paw print, and the other has a simple stripe design. Available on Amazon in eight bright colors, each of which includes a collar bell.

7. ADOGGYGO Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie Bandana

There's no question why this combination bandana and bow tie breakaway cat collar is a best seller. The quick-release design features a floral print that's just so prairie chic. This pet collar can also fit small dogs. (We all know they love to look and feel cute too.)

8. Breakaway Cat Collars with Bell

This set of six distinctive plaid collars ensures your kitty will always look dapper. Featuring a quick release breakaway buckle and collar bell. It's an Amazon best seller and is the perfect classy pet collar that will keep your cat safe, especially when paired with an ID tag.

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