5 Funny Cat Calendars the Entire Office Will Love

You know what could make the work day go by faster? Cute cats and cute kittens. Some are already living the dream by working at cat cafes. But for the rest of us, images of kitties can suffice. You can count the hours with a regular clock, but counting the days with a cat calendar can brighten up the office and make your coworkers laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine! They're also the purr-fect gift idea to cross off a cat parent's wishlist.

Check out these calendars that your office will love.

Best Cat Calendars

1. Purr-fect Pals Cats - 2021 Hangable Wall Calendars by Red Ember Press - 12" x 24" When Open - Thick & Sturdy Glossy Paper - Must have for Cat Lovers

From Maine Coons to black cats, this whimsical monthly calendar features all of the cats we just want to squeeze; yes, the chunky ones. This 2021 new year planner also shows cats pouncing around in flower beds, which is a dream we all want to live.

2. What Cats Teach Us 2021 Wall Calendar

If your office is full of animal lovers, then you need this calendar. We can learn a thing or two from cats, such as how to groom ourselves properly and how to always get your way. This monthly planner is filled with cat care tips and includes six bonus months.

3. Day Dream Calendars 2021 Gary Pattersonâ?s Wall Calendar, 12" x 12", Monthly

If your office is full of crazy cat ladies, this will make them squeal. This 12 x 12 month calendar features funny images that perfectly capture the charming personalities of cats around the world. Furry feline lovers agree that this calendar will make you smile every day.

4. I Could Pee on This 2020 Wall Calendar: (Funny 2020 Wall Calendars, Cat Gifts for Cat Lovers)

Cats are jerks, but we love them anyway. This is the perfect desk calendar for cat owners whose cats keep them on their toes. Anyone who walks past your desk will always get a good laugh.

5. Catnip Cats Wall Calendar 2021

If you own a Tabby, you know they can do the silliest and funniest things when they are stimulated by catnip. This 4.9-star best-seller features funny cats that will keep you laughing throughout the year.

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