CarHopper Changing the Luxury Car Rental Game

New luxury car booking startup CarHopper just closed a $1.5 million seed round to expand its service to new markets.

Initially a peer-to-peer platform, CarHopper has expanded into a full-fledged online booking platform for luxury car rentals.

Connected to car inventories of individuals and smaller, local providers, app users can specify a location, area, and pickup/drop off rates before viewing a listing of all luxury cars in the area.

A recent search revealed a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan for $1,272 a day, a 2015 Ferrari California for $1,100 a day and a 2017 Porsche Carrera for $599 a day.

CarHopper was developed to address weak and inconsistent booking platforms by local and independently owned car rental companies that struggle to compete with the larger companies. At the moment, it has expanded to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and parts of South Florida where tourism and luxury car rentals are in higher demand relative to the rest of the country.

"Whether it is a Jeep Cherokee to drive out to the Everglades for the day, a Mercedes to go out to dinner in Miami Beach, or a Toyota Camry to run errands, at CarHopper we want the renter to get exactly what they are looking for, while also giving the smaller car rental companies the chance for exposure in a market where ninety-five percent is controlled by just three holding companies," says CarHopper founder and CEO Bora Hamamcioglu.

Founded in 2016, CarHopper was founded by a "group of tech enthusiasts and car zealots that found a way to combine our passions," according to its bio. Its AngelList profile reveals the company has between 1-10 employees.