Cardboard Boxes Are Cat Traps, But Will Box Outlines Work the Same Way?

Cardboard boxes may be a thing of the past - could cats actually love box outlines just as much as the real thing? 

If you ever need to catch a cat, all you need to do is put out some cardboard boxes. There's something absolutely magical about a cardboard box and cats - it's as if cats are compelled to sit inside the boxes. No one has yet explained just what's so captivating about boxes, but the creator of this new video might be onto something. It appears that cats don't just love boxes - they love box outlines, too.

The idea is pretty simple. If a cat will sit in a box, will he also sit in the outline of a box? To test it, this cat owner taped the outline of a box onto the floor. The results? Well, they speak for themselves.

This cat definitely seems interested in the box outlines, and clearly makes a point of sitting inside the outline, rather than in a different location. From the looks of the video he did this multiple times.


Could it be the shape of boxes that is appealing to cats, rather than the fact that they're actual boxes? Some additional experimentation will be needed before we can decide for sure.

If you decide to give this a try with your cat, be sure to choose a tape that is easy to pull up off of your floor, especially if you plan to leave it in place for a while. Painter's tape might be a good choice, since it shouldn't remove the finish from your floor.

If you decide to try out this experiment, be sure to send us a video - we'd love to see your results!

Have you tried this with your cat? Tell us in the comments below. 

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