Car Stolen with Dog Inside, Texas Family Offers $500 Reward

It's every dog owner's worst nightmare. 

How many times have you run into a store, or returned a Redbox with your car unlocked and your dog inside? I know I have even left my car running with the dog inside if I forgot something inside the house. I have heard of cars getting stolen with dogs inside, but you never think it will happen to you...

Well, it happened to a family in Beaumont, Texas. Their car was stolen yesterday and Ralph the little white dog was inside. The Humane Society of Southeast Texas posted this public service announcement on Facebook in an attempt to get the dog home safe and sound.

The car has since been found, but it looks like the thief let Ralph out of the car or maybe he escaped when the car was abandoned. Ralph is still missing. The dog is wearing a red and white bandana and has a collar and ID tag with all his family's information on it. The phone, however, was in the car when it was stolen and it looks like the thief took it with him...If you find Ralph, the number on his tag will not work.

Ralph is microchipped, though, so you can take him into your closest vet or animal shelter to scan him. You can also call the Humane Society of Southeast Texas at (409) 833-0504 if you have any information. Ralph's family is offering $500 for his safe return.

Having a dog stolen can be scary, but with the power of social media and connectivity hopefully Ralph will be found. This is also a good lesson to have your dog microchipped with the correct identification. If Ralph did escape the car, he is likely wandering around Beaumont and someone will hopefully find him and read his tag.

Follow the Humane Society of Southeast Texas on Facebook for updates on Ralph.

Have you ever heard of a car being stolen with a dog inside? Tell us in the comments below.

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