Captivating Clip Shows How Patagonian Gauchos Tame Wild Horses

You won't be able to take your eyes off this.

The following clip shows a Patagonian gaucho taming a mare he's just captured from a wild herd. Patagonia is an amazing place at the tip of South America shared by Chile and Argentina that hosts a myriad of wildlife, including wild horses.

From first contact in the round pen to fully under saddle, the process of taming a wild horse takes only three hours.

The gaucho begins by teaching the wild mare to associate eye contact with positive interaction. When she looks at him, he approaches her calmly. If she looks away, he chases her.

This continues for some time until the mare has made the connection between contact and calm, and allows the horse whisperer to approach and touch her without shying away.

Watch what happens with the wild Patagonian horse next in this clip from BBC Earth's "Wild Patagonia":

How cool was that? Seriously.

With abilities to tame wild horses like this, it's no wonder the gauchos of South America are known as master horsemen.


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