A buffalo herd takes on a lion.
Savageanimall, Instagram

Watch: Buffalo Tosses Lion into the Air Like a Rag Doll In Intense Battle

One lion got more than he bargained for with a herd of Cape Buffalo.

Lions are generally the kings of the plains, strutting through herds and taking down prey. We've seen them take down everything from a Cape buffalo to their own brethren. But sometimes, prey does get the upper hand on the predator (even something as small as a turtle).

A video posted by Instagram user "savageanimall" may be short, but it's packed with action. Right from the start, viewers see a small herd of Cape buffalo, with one tossing a large beige animal in the air with its horns. Viewers catch a glimpse of its golden mane as the beige mass comes tumbling down to the ground.

The lion swipes at the buffalo's face but with little effect. The persistent buffalo picks the lion back up, tossing it into the air once again. The lion lands in the middle of the herd, where another buffalo rams its back.

The lion is laser-focused on the first buffalo and launches an attack, only to be jettisoned into the air once again. The lion knows where it's headed this time, sinking its teeth into the buffalo's back. Its calculated bite is rewarded with a thrust of horns into its chest. The buffalo skillfully chucks the lion back down to the ground.

This time, the lion turns tail and runs away into the brush. The lion isn't going to be so easily shrugged off, though. It takes off after the buffalo, only to get rammed by another member of the herd. The lion disappears into the brush as the rest of the herd thunders off into the trees.


The Cape buffalo is one of four buffalo subspecies in Africa. They are massive animals, and the video shows just how formidable they are with their weapon-like horns. That poor lion was getting tossed in the air like a potato! Despite the precision of the buffalo's tosses, they have very poor eyesight and hearing. Cape buffalo rely heavily on their sense of smell.

Lions hunt buffalo by ambushing them, and they have enough weight to take down an adult. But rarely do the tables get turned. However, buffalo have been known to trample young lions in a stampede and have occasionally killed an adult.

These buffalo definitely gave the male lion a run for his money.

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