Can't Pull the Wool over on This Pit Bull, She Knows That's Broccoli

Gemma the pit bull isn't putting up with her human's tricks.

Some parents will go to extreme lengths to get their kids to eat their vegetables, and pup parents are no different. Gemma the pit bull loves treats, but like most kids, getting her to eat her vegetables is sometimes a battle.

When Gemma's human tries to add some nutrition into her dog's diet, Gemma shows she has something else in mind.

There isn't even a second's pause between the moment the broccoli hits her tongue and when she spits it out. Lucky for Gemma, she's still getting some much-needed fiber from those turkey and sweet potato treats.

Gemma has made her stance about broccoli clear, but there's a great debate going on in the pet world about whether or not dogs need vegetables. On the one side, experts claim vegetables provide necessary nutrients. They're low in calories, and adding leafy greens to a dog's diet can help them maintain a healthy weight.

On the other side, some researchers believe dogs to be true carnivores. They say
plant matter has no place in a dog's diet. They promote 100% raw-fed diets consisting of organs and bones.

The pet world does agree, however, that while they may not be necessary, adding a few vegetables to your dog's dish won't hurt. And if you're not sure about what to feed your dog, ask your vet for recommendations.

But if you ask Gemma, we already know what her answer will be.

What human foods does your dog eat? Some people feed green beans, sweet potatoes, and broccoli stalks! All of that sounds delicious with a side of brown rice but for your dog?

We all put a lot of value on the type of food we give our dogs and this pit bull is having none of it!

The owner just wanted to give Gemma a healthy treat! All dog owners want what's best and trying new food is sometimes successful and other times it's not. Small quantities vs. large amounts of veggies is a good rule to follow. It's ok if your dog isn't interested in a piece of broccoli. I don't know many dogs that are and there are other ways to celebrate your dog's health. Try small pieces of sweet potatoes instead!

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