Cannons From the Alamo Restored by Texas A&M University

This is just awesome.

It's probably safe to say that by default, most outdoorsmen would find restoring historic cannons pretty interesting. Well, thanks to Texas A&M, we get to witness history being brought back to life right before our eyes.

As you are about to see, the school is now putting the last of seven cannons from the battle of the Alamo on display for future generations to appreciate.

Watch the video below:

After graduating with a criminal justice degree from Indiana State University, I feel I may have missed my calling. For my entire childhood, I wanted to be an archeologist just like Indiana Jones. Funny how things don't work out like the movies. However, getting to put your hands on a relic right out of living history is just fascinating. These kids may not realize how lucky they are to enjoy this type of college experience.

I've been to the Alamo. I'm sure you know the story, though. Heck, there have been many movies made about it if you feel like you need a refresher class. I'd like to think if I would've been there to face those odds, I would've stood right next to Davy Crockett until the end, too.