Poisonous Cane Toads Can Kill Your Pup: What You Need to Know

The Bufo toad is dangerous to pets (and children)! Bufo toads are also known as cane toads and they've spread across Southwest Florida the past few years killing dogs and wildlife. This is no joke. The toxins secreted by the toads will cause harm. There are stories about these toads infesting one neighborhood in Palm Beach Gardens.

They are a dangerous invasive species. They secrete a milky, white toxic substance called a bufotoxin. They come out in the very early morning hours or after evening and will eat pet food left outdoors! This recent death is terrifying for pet owners including yours truly. A Tampa woman whose dog collapsed and died after she saw him with a toad in his mouth this week told a TV station that she knew immediately it was a poisonous Bufo toad. Last summer it was reported that some South Florida neighborhoods, they've been spotted by the thousands. 

Our dog Walter puts his mouth on everything and even tries to catch bees! Florida Today shares,

"If a dog or cat comes in contact with the toxin by biting or sniffing the slow-moving toads, the toxins could kill them within 15 minutes without emergency treatment."

Symptoms of toad poisoning (toad venom toxicosis) include pawing at the mouth and eyes, profuse drooling, difficulty breathing, seizures, high temperature and collapse!

How will you know you're dealing with a Bufo toad? Check out this video.

They were introduced as a way of managing pests in the sugar cane fields in the 1930s.

Staff note on toxic toads: Other signs of toad toxicity may include loss of coordination, head-shaking and always check your pet's mouth if you suspect they've been in contact with a toad.

Have you ever seen this toad before? Do you live in Florida and hear of random cases? Please leave a comment below!

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