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Canadian Perch Poacher Given Lifetime Fishing Ban

Ignorance of the law leads to lengthy bans and a sizable fine for this ice fishing pair. 

Fish limits are in place for a reason, and for those anglers who choose to break the law, be prepared to pay the price if your illegal activities are discovered.

Two anglers from Scarborough, Ontario, recently found out that pilfering perch comes with consequences after being found guilty of exceeding set catch limits.

The Canadian twosome, who ice fished Lake Simcoe out of Innisfil back on March 18, encountered a conservation officer while returning to their vehicle. The pair had a combined total of 260 yellow perch, which was 185 fish over their limit.

Song Jiang had a sport fishing license, which allows an angler to possess 50 perch. Wei Yee Su's conservation license allows for a lower possession limit of 25 fish.

On July 16, both anglers pleaded guilty. Song Jiang received a $5,000 fine and a lifetime fishing suspension. Wei Yee Su got a 10-year fishing ban.

All fish went to the Crown.

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