Video: Released Perch Gets Pummeled by a Pike

Being caught was the least of the worries for this luckless perch. 

Talk about a bad day to be a perch. If it wasn't troubling enough to find a hook in its lip, what happened next was the horror of all horrors.

This is definitely something you don't see very often, but thanks to a strategically positioned Marcum LX-9 camera, we get to witness how ruthless the underwater world truly is.

On the bright side, we're pretty sure this perch never saw it coming.

Talk about lights out!

It would appear the perch was disorientated after returning to the water, nosing into the mud before quickly righting itself. But who would have ever guessed a pike would be waiting to pounce?

It's most definitely a fish-eat-fish world down there.

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