Canada outdoors
Courtesy of Wayne Cowan

5 Things You Notice About Canada's Outdoor Community Once You Cross the Border

Canada's outdoors beckons those of us who would love to have a great adventure in the north country.

Canadian outdoorsmen and women are similar to Americans in their love of everything outside, care for their woods and waters, and appreciation for the wilderness as anyone who ever hiked, camped, hunted or fished.

Sure, we love to chide each other about who has the best beer, the biggest moose, or the greatest fishing opportunities, but it's all in good fun.

Don't ever let that make you think that a trip to the Canadian wilderness for a bucket list hunting or fishing trip might start a squabble, because in my experience Canadians are very welcoming to U.S. citizens when it comes to sharing their great affluence of outdoor adventures.

They Are Quite Health Conscious

One of the first things that you will notice in Canadians is their devotion to using their love of the outdoors to stay healthy. Even if their hikes simply take them to the lake front areas, they have long since discovered that exercising amongst the woods and water makes it more desirable and uniquely more healthy.

They love to rock climb, ice skate, trail run, cross country ski, and snowshoe; they do it all.

They're Gun Enthusiasts Too

Sure, Canadian firearm laws are more stringent than here in the United States, but Canadians own guns and lots of them. Canadian citizens love hunting and the shooting sports as much as anyone and they're good at it too. In fact, I know several Canadian citizens that have legal gun collections that would make a whole lot of U.S. hunters jealous!

Areas such as Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec offer some amazing big game opportunities and a steady, well-practiced shooting hand is required to make the best shots.

Getting To Their Hunting Spot Often Requires Long Hikes

With fly-in hunts popular across the country, hunters in Canada often access wild game like bear, moose, and waterfowl in areas that aren't easy to get to. Even in regions where camps can be driven to, Canadians have no problem walking in and setting up in areas where game has every opportunity to hide in the wilderness.

From Vancouver Island to Newfoundland and Labrador, hoofing it to a favorite hunting spot is a rite of passage. Just one visit to his Facebook page will tell you how much work goes into a hunt with the fabled Canadian adventurer Jim Shockey, and how important he is to Canadians across their country.

They Love Epic Adventures

Whitewater rafting, whale watching, glacier skywalks, massive and amazing provincial parks, and some of the most unbelievable remote hunting and fishing opportunities you could ever imagine are just the beginning.

Fly-in fishing that take anglers to lakes that seem to hold fish that have never seen an artificial bait are waiting for anyone who wants tor try, and they all do. This leads us to an obvious conclusion:

They Take Their Fishing Seriously

Canada outdoors

Courtesy of Wayne Cowan

Exceptionally enthusiastic anglers such as Bob Izumi, Gord Pyzer, and the amazing April Vokey have been keeping Canadian sportfishing on the radar for many years, and proving that just because the country has some 20 percent of the world's freshwater resources, its citizens aren't complacent when it comes to fishing it and keeping it clean.

This also means some of the best saltwater fishing on the planet, and anyone who has chartered a tuna boat from Prince Edward Island or off the coast of Vancouver Island will tell you that they know exactly what they are doing.

Canadian Outdoorsmen In a Nutshell

Canada has a unique perspective on the outdoor world. Their part of the North American continent is replete with some of the most amazing hunting, fishing, hiking, and camping opportunities in the western world.

Canadians are some the best hunters and anglers in the world, pursuing everything from black and grizzly bear to moose and elk, and fishing for large and smallmouth bass to bluefin tuna the size of a truck.

Perhaps the best part is how modest and down to Earth they are about it. That's what I like the most, and I'm betting other outdoor enthusiasts will agree.

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