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Canada Goose Utterly Destroys Invading Tern

Here's what it looks like when a tern gets too close to the territory of a Canada goose.

This isn't the first time we've seen this happen, and we're starting to wonder if waterfowl everywhere are beginning to get really angry at the world.

The fact is, when another bird gets too close to a duck or a goose with their nesting areas nearby, or is just simply being territorial, it can and will attack the other creature.

Case in point: some kind of tern flying over a swampy area of cattails happens to land in water "owned" by one of the most hardcore geese in North America!

As soon as the tern touches the water the battle is on, and it's so one-sided it will make you cringe. Even when it realizes what is happening and tries to get away, it's too late. Here's what happens when geese go berserk:

The person that can be heard on the video says that it is a Caspian tern, but does it really matter what bird species it is? The second that it landed it realized the mistake that it made, and it still couldn't re-launch fast enough to get away!

While it certainly looked to have been finished off, there's no way to tell if it was actually dead or not as it may have been playing possum until it was safe to fly away.

Whatever the case, this isn't the first time we've seen Canada geese go ballistic on another animal, including a human! You've probably encountered them on a spring golf course or any random ponds in suburban areas across the North American landscape. 

Maybe it's time for year-round hunting seasons in the United States for these crazy waterfowl, but if we could hunt them in the spring we had better be ready to get trucked like this.

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Canada Goose Utterly Destroys Invading Tern