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Can You Yank a Jeep Engine Out With Tow Straps?

Tow straps aren't used for that!

In this video, we get to watch Engineering Explained's crazy attempt to pull an engine out of a Wrangler XJ using nothing but a rope strap and hardcore momentum.

Titled "Operation Shipwreck " the crew uses a 300-foot, 300-pound strap by recovery gear company Gear America, which they tie around the XJ's engine to tear it out.

After revving the engine, the host sends it careening down the side of a valley before full rope extension sends the Jeep's tail spinning. Our favorite moment goes to the interior shot, starting at 4:27, where a cap-wearing, armless mannequin gets its head ripped clean off upon impact.

Here's to the crew of Operation Shipwreck for a job well done.

This post was originally published on August 14, 2019.