Can You Skin a Coyote as Fast as This Guy?

There's more than one way to skin a coyote. This guy's got his method down to a science.

If you are a predator hunter or a trapper, you need to watch this demonstration to learn how to skin a coyote in just over two minutes. You'll be glad you did when your calling or trapping efforts leave you with a pile of song dogs to skin.

Clearly, this was not the first coyote this guy had ever skinned. Whether it's a coyote, a deer, or any other animal hanging in your skinning shed a few tips can make the job a lot easier and quicker.

First, use a knife that's scary sharp and respect it. Second, have a system. Positioning the animal in a way that makes your job easier will speed up the process and make for a better finished product. Finally, practice is important. If you are looking to get better at skinning animals, skin more animals. Volunteer to skin you buddies' bucks or coyotes to practice your skills when you don't fill a tag. Besides making you better at skinning, the gesture might just earn you a six-pack.

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