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Butcher Can Fillet a 150-Pound Tuna in Only 2 Minutes

YouTube: BUBBA

Think you know how to fillet a fish? How about a giant tuna?

The professionals at Fisherman's Processing in San Diego have it down to a science.

Get ready to see this guy fillet a 150-pound tuna in less than two minutes.

Watch the video below:

Obviously, these guys have several years of experience and thousands of filleted fish under their belts, but the speed and quality of their work is still amazing.

For most of us weekend warriors, speed is not as important as saving every bit of precious fish meat. While filleting fish with razor-sharp blades, safety should be your number one concern.

Note that the guy in the video, besides wearing a chain-metal offhand glove, stays well clear of his BubbaBlade knife. You should do the same.

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Butcher Can Fillet a 150-Pound Tuna in Only 2 Minutes