Can You Really Not Capsize This Raft?

If whitewater rafting looks like a blast but you are terrified of flipping, this might just be your ticket!

Whitewater rafting is a blast and a terrific way to enjoy the outdoors. But the thought of fast moving water, big waves, rocks, and the possibility of flipping that could result in major injuries or death is enough to keep some from doing it.

Well, what if you had a raft that couldn't flip over or capsize? Would you be more willing to give it a try?

But can you really not capsize or flip this raft? See for yourself.

Pretty wild to watch and a pretty amazing concept. But they also said the Titanic was impossible to sink, so trust it at your own risk.

The only downfall I can think on the product and marketing itself is that it seems to encourage less experienced and skilled paddlers to head to the rough whitewaters and give it a try. This obviously is still dangerous and you shouldn't take the river lightly with its power.

Nonetheless, I want to give this bad boy a try.

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