pike deformity
Adam Turnball/Facebook

Can You Guess What Caused This Crazy Pike Deformity?

Hint: The cause is human and completely preventable.

At first glance, you're probably wondering what the heck is going on with this pike. It's body seems to have been constricted at mid-length, as if a tourniquet was wrapped tight around it. That tourniquet, it turns out, was actually the plastic wrapper from a Powerade sports drink. Go figure.

Adam Turnball posted the following images to his Facebook page of the pike he caught in Alberta, Canada. And as you can see from the injury, it's a surprise this northern was able to survive.

pike deformity

pike deformity

pike deformity

Adam posted the following message along with his images, hoping to spread awareness of the unseen dangers of littering:

"Please remember to pick up your garbage. This happened in Alberta Canada, but it can raise awareness everywhere. It was a plastic Powerade round shaped wrapper and could easily fit in your pocket. I'm not sure how this fish survived and grew but it still had a ton of pep and took off like a torpedo."

Think about this fish the next time you deliberately toss litter. The damage runs much deeper than just being an unsightly mess on land or water.

Images Courtesy of Adam Turnball/Facebook.

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